Editor in chief Vladimir Sergeevich Belykh, the honored worker of science of RF, the Doctor of Juridical science, Professor, head of the business law department of the Ural State Academy of Law, the Director of Law and Entrepreneurship of the Ural State Academy of Law.

Deputy to the Editor in chief Oleg Gerasimov, Assistant Professor of the Entrepreneurial law dpt. of Ural State Academy of Law, PhD Science of law, Advisor to the Vice-President of OOO EvrazHolding on law matters.

In charge for the issue Olga Valerievna Shikhaleva, master of laws, assistant professor of land and environmental law department, Deputy to the Director of Law and Entrepreneurship of the Ural State Academy of Law.

The editorial staff of journal Business, management and law consists of an editorial council and an editorial board.

The learned applicative economic and law journal was founded in 2001. State Registration Certificate FS77-27031 dated January 2007. Three publications per annum.

The Supreme Professional Licensing Board of RF resolved to place the Business, management and law on the list of the leading reviewed scientific journals and publications published in Russian Federation which are to announce the main scientific results of dissertations in candidacy of doctor of economics and juridicals and PhD.

The journal highlights the most topical issues of legal theory and practice. An individual section is devoted to the economic issues of the journal activities. The journal shows the following columns: Theory and practice of management, Legal work on the shop floor, Economic safety, School, Tribune of young scholars.

Each publication highlights a special topic dedicated to one of the speculative topics of theory and practice. The following topical publications came off the press: Three new codes: administrative, labor, and arbitration and procedural, Insolvency (bankruptcy), integrated business groups (financial and industrial holdings and other corporate structures), Corruption, Politics, economics and law, Russia under globalization, Banks and banking business, Insurance industry, Metal industry of Russia, Juridical analysis of economy, Economic justice, Investments in Russian federation, systematization of business legal system, Securities market, Unification of transport legal system, Intellectual property.

The journal has published the articles of reputable scholars from Russia, CIS and abroad as well as those of famous politicians, managers of national and local bodies.

Journal Business, management and Law has undoubtedly made significant contribution into development of scientific thought in Russia, forming of the legal culture by highlighting variety of opinions on this or that range of problems.

Journal staff address: 620034, Yekaterinburg,
ul. Lomogorova, 54-303.

E-mail:, phone / fax 8(343)367-43-01.

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Business, management and law