Scientific-practical, economic-law journal was founded in 2001. The certificate of the state registration is No FS77-27031 of 25 January 2007. The journal is published four times a year.

The journal highlights the most topical issues of legal theory and practice. Individual section is devoted to the economic issues of the organizations activities. The journal presents the following subject headings: Theory and practice of management, Legal work at Enterprise, Higher School, Economic Safety, Department, and Tribune of Young Scholars.

Each issue of the journal highlights a special topic addressing one of the discussion problems of theory and practice. The following thematic issues were published: Three new codes: Administrative Code, Labor Code, and Arbitration Procedure Code, Insolvency (bankruptcy), Integrated business groups (financial and industrial groups, holdings, and other corporate structures), Corruption, Politics, economy and law, Russia in the context of globalization, Banks and banking business, Insurance business, Metallurgical industry in Russia, Juridical analysis of economy, Economic justice, Investments in the Russian Federation, Systematization of Entrepreneurial legislation, Securities market, Unification of transport legislation, and Intellectual property.

The journal published articles of authoritative scholars from Russia, CIS and non-CIS countries as well as articles of major politicians, and heads of state and municipal agencies.

Business, Management and Law Journal contributes greatly to the development of scientific idea in Russia and formation of the legal culture accommodating various viewpoints on a variety of issues.


Business, management and law