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«Energy law» (№1/2010)

Chief editor’s column

    Chief editor’s column
    Belykh V. S., Editor in chief, the Doctor of Juridical science, Professor;
    Email: belykhvs@mail.ru

Theory and practice of administration

    A behavioral approach to innovation management as a constructive process of organization development
    Paley T.F.;
    Email: kmen555@gmail.ru

    Evaluation of customer satisfaction of products and services of industrial enterprise
    Neretina E.A., Lashyna M.V.

    The risks and threats to economic security: identification, evaluation and impact resistance
    Feofilova T.Y.
    Email: feotu@yandex.ru

Energy law

    Legal foundations for national energy policy of Russia, the European Union, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, member states of Euro-Asian Economic Cooperation
    Lakhno P.G.
    Email: p.lakhno@mail.ru

    On the concepts of target model of retail electrical power markets
    Gorodov О. А., Stafutina N. S.
    Email: gorodov@inbox.ru, shtu4kina@mail.ru

    The priorities of the Tajikistan energy policy: legal aspects of Rogunskaya hydropower station construction
    Ismailov Sh. M.
    Email: shism@list.ru

    Legal aspects of investment into the fuel-energy complex of EurAsEC member states
    Kurbanov R. A.
    Email: belrusneftegaz@mail.ru

    Private-public partnership as a key aspect of energy policy
    Dzhumageldieva G. D.
    Email: gulnarad@inbox.ru

    Legal regulation in the sphere of associated petroleum gas usage
    Salieva R. N.
    Email: sargus6@yandex.ru

    Environmental aspects of Russian fuel-energy complex regulation
    Shikhaleva O. V.
    Email: bmpmag@mail.ru

Securities market

    On the conceptual approaches in the securities market regulation of EurAsEC member states
    Belykh V. S.
    Email: belykhvs@mail.ru

    Problems of securities law improvement in the conception of Civil law Development
    Shevchenko G. N.
    Email: sgn1959@mail.ru

    The regulation of relations in the field of private pension system with the public budget funds
    Burachevsky D. V., Firsova A. V.
    Email: bdenis@uralfcsm.ur.ru

    Review of corporate bonds of the Ural Federal Area in 2009.
    Tselitsheva A. V.
    Email: atcelitsheva@uralfcsm.ur.ru

Comparative law

    On the problem of differentiation between private and public law ( German legal doctrine).
    Email: f.j.sae cker@fu-berlin.de

    Transference of location of the Russian legal person’s administration abroad and foreign legal person’s administration to the Russian territory
    Adel Aukhatov
    Email: aukhatov@enreg.eu

Economic analysis of law

    The prognosis of economic crisis in Russian economy with using of waves models for the next 20 years.
    Privalov N. G., Privalov S. G.
    Email: tipu@list.ru

    Analysis of basic provisions for forming efficient amortization policy of industrial enterprise
    Nechaev A. S.
    Email: manuna2002@list.ru

Law and investments

    Hyperinvestments in Russia: problem formulation
    Tsiganov S. I.
    Email: tsyganov-sergey@mail.ru

    Methodical approaches to the definition of investment attractiveness of real economy sector as a component of investment climate of the country
    Tarelkin A. A.
    Email: tarelkin.alexey@list.ru

Higher school

    Innovative potential of intellectual rent
    Mitin A. N.
    Email: idom@list.ru


    Legal status of business partnerships and joint-stock companies in the Civil Code of Republic of Kazakhstan
    Klimkin S. I.
    Email: sergklimkin@mail.ru

    Strengthening of the customs control over moving of precious metals and jewels – the legal tool of the prevention of crimes in sphere of illegal circulation of values
    Kuchin O. S.
    Email: kuchin-os@rambler.ru

    The last tendencies in the development of legislation on protected areas
    Ignatyeva I. A.
    Email: igna123@rambler.ru

Tribune of young scientists

    Classification of property complexes
    Lapteva A. M.
    Email: aptevaann@rambler.ru

    Civil and legal regulation of electronic transactions
    Saliev I. R.
    Email: sargus6@yandex.ru

Students’ science

    Legal nature of bill of debt, expressed in foreign currency. (art. 395 CC RF)
    Kinzyabaeva A. A.
    Email: kinzanna@yandex.ru

    ISO 1400- enviroment manadgment system
    Manina A. V.
    Email: maninalina@rambler.ru


    Anniversary of Isakov V. B.


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