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«X Session of the Euro-Asian Congress» (№1/2016)

Economy, policy and law

    International and national standards of entrepreneurial activity in conditions of modern geopolitics
    V. S. Belykh belykhvs@mail.ru, D. A. Gavrin gavrin@list.ru, E. V. Goleva Goleva-elena@yandex.ru, V. V. Kvanina vv.kvanina@mail.ru, I. A. Mitrichev i.mitrichev@gmail.com, Z. A. Malunova zlata_p@inbox.ru, A. C. Panova albina_2005@rambler.ru, O. A. Tarasen

    Innovative vector of the Russian economics: behavior readyness of the population
    A. I. Tatarkin tatarkin_ai@mail.ru

    The problem of legal regulation of innovative activity in national and international legislation
    D. V. Gribanov dvgribanov@yandex.ru

    Economic analysis of property right: from Coase theorem – to Posner’s theorem
    А. M. Sergeev asergeev@k66.ru

    On «white and fluffy» banks and their «grey» clients: considering the Judgment of October 2015 28-P of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation and some publications
    S. N. Shishkin Sergey.Shishkin@rsrf.ru

    Constitutional and legal regulation of economic processes in individual states of Euro-Asian region
    S. V. Belykh belykh@mail.ur.ru


    Monopolism in the economy, and national security issues of Russia
    V. S. Belykh belykhvs@mail.ru

    Innovative investments
    Tsyganov tsyganov-sergey@mail.ru

    Problems of defining substantial terms of subsurface use license
    I. A. Ignatyeva igna@land.law.msu.ru

    From banking activity to banking transaction
    D. A. Gavrin gavrin@list.ru

    Interest on financial obligation: general issues and specific features of use in energy supply relations.
    E. N. Chernov echen78@mail.ru, S. V. Potehin zef_ps@mail.ru

Pages of the history

    Historical and comparative analysis of modern judicial system of the Russian Federation and the ecclesiastical courts of the Russian Orthodox Church
    A. S. Smykalin igp@usla.ru

    Terms of contest and reconciliation in a common law of Kazakhs
    Zh. I. Ibragimov zhamaladen@mail.ru

Comments and reviews

    Pricing of complex production: investment approach


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