«Intellectual property» (2/2008)

Chief editors column

    From the Editor in Chief
    Belykh V. S.

News of science and business

    The Third Scientific and Practical Conference Energetics and Law was held in M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University
    Salieva R. N., Panova A. S.

Theory and practice of administration

    Transparence from position of cross-cultural evaluation of trust
    Pryakhin G. N.

    Issues of formation and development of intellectual capital
    Feskova T. Y.

The theme of the issue: Intellectual property

    Institute of exclusive right in the fourth part of the RF Civil Code
    Gorodov O. A.

    Models of business-processes in the sphere of intellectual property
    Shulgin D. B.

    Legal problems of collisions resolution between rights to identical (similar to the degree of confusion) firm-names
    Golofaev V. V.

    On the benefit of the semantic vagueness of the notion know-how
    Makarov T. V.

    Unfair competition prevention in the sphere of intellectual property
    Sedakova V. S.

    Penal protection of intellectual property
    Kalenykh A. V.

Invitation for discussion

    Russia amid globalization and military confrontation
    Belykh V. S.

Comparative jurisprudence

    Methods of equity market regulation in the USA
    Lashkul O.

    Some questions of harmonization of tax legislation in EurAsEs
    Krivykh I. A.

    Legal support of business development in metal mining and steelmaking industry of Russia (problem definition)

    The investment factor of economic growth of Russia


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