«Global economic crisis» (2/2009)

Chief editors column

    Chief editors column
    Belykh V. S.; Email:

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    Interview with Levin A.Y.

    Interview with Perevalov V.D.

The theme of the issue: Global economic crisis

    The world economic crisis: from forecasts to real assessment of anti-crisis measures
    Tatarkin A. I., Tatarkin D. A.; Email:

    The crisis and BRIC countries: results of JanuaryFebruary of 2009 in the mirror of statistics
    Porunov A. N.; Email:

    Social and economic consequences of the global economic crisis in Russia: legal tools for restraining and overcoming
    Belykh V. S.; Email:

    Russian Stock Market and challenges of the present
    Tatyanenkov V. A.; Email:

    Correlation of economic interests and legal regulation in the financial markets
    Metzger A. A.; Email:

    Economic and legal problems of quality of life security of Russian villagers in conditions of the world financial and economic crisis
    Voronin B. A.; Email:

    Some legal considerations on causes of financial crisis in the USA
    Butler W.; Email:

    State regulation of economy: some lessons of global financial and economic crisis
    Shishkin S. N.; Email:

    Problems of state control over the paper issue and circulation of securities
    Shevchenko G. N.; Email:,

    The Concept of overcoming global economic crisis consequences
    Tsiganov S. I.; Email:

    On the issue of intellectual resources importance in the context of finance and economic crisis
    Mitin A. N.; Email:

Law and investment

    The existent concept of innovative activity of Irkutsk oblast for 2004-2009
    Nechaev A. S.; Email:

Corporate control

    Origin and evolution of corporate control
    Mullakhmetov H. S.; Email:

    Disclosure of information by joint-stock company: notion, aim, principles, order and time constraints
    Krivonogova I. V.; Email:

Court practice

    Legal regulation of tender and court practice for their challenge
    Anokhin V. S.; Email:

    Mining and Metallurgy law in modern Russia: problems of taxonomy (problem definition)
    . . Gerasimov; Email:


    On some questions of social service rules of law application in procedural legal relationship on ascertainment of facts which have legal effect
    Govoruhina E. Y.; Email:

    It is important to clearly define unfair competition
    Tikin V.S.; Email:

    The content and meaning of customers task in contractors agreement of fulfillment of design and prospecting work
    Ljukshin A.M.; Email:

    Krasnoyarsk agglomeration in the system of region agglomeration settlement
    Kozarez I.M., Sokolovsky A.A.; Email:

    On the question of legal nature of a plot of land
    Shikhaleva O.V.; Email:

    System approach to Russian derivatives market regulation
    Kiselev M.V.; Email:

Tribune of young scientists

    Court practice on salary disputes
    Kozina E.V.; Email:

    Additional workers pension security
    Kozitsin D.A.; Email:


    Anniversary of Professor Reshetnikova I.V.

    Anniversary of Professor Gubin E.P.

    Anniversary of RAS academician Laptev V.V.


    Announcement of the book Insurance law


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