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«Securities market» (№3/2007)

Chief editor’s column

    From the Editor in Chief
    Belykh V. S.

News of science and business

Theory and practice of administration

    Mitin A. N., Pryxin G. N.

Legal work on the businesses

    Tixonov D. N.

    Ruzakova E. V.

    On the forced repurchase of shares

    Revisited: on the legal entity of public law
    Belykh V.S.

    State corporation: a new phenomenon in the national economy of Russia

    Codification of education legislation: a new viewpoint of conceptual
    Belykh V.S.

    Grounds and conditions of amenability enforcement under the Law of England
    Belykh V.S.

    Review of the doctorate thesis of law of A.A. Ruylyan under the title «Theoretical basis of the consumer
    Belykh V.S.


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