The article examines such general legal categories as the freedom of economic activity, the freedom of entrepreneurial activity, and entrepre- neurial activity laid down in the RF Constitution and in the constitutions of some of Euro-Asian states. The RF Constitution and the constitutions of the CIS states are transitory and market phenomena as they were adopted during the period when these states and their institutes of market economy were formed. Much attention during that period was paid to private law interests and their protection. Public law principles no longer played the pivotal role in the life of the country and society in Russia and in the CIS states. Many constitutions of European countries do not contain the said general legal categories as they are pre- sumed there without being laid down in the constitutions. On the contrary, the constitutions enshrine the public law interests and the institutions of social responsibility of subjects of the law.


Freedom of economic activity, freedom of entrepreneurial activity, entrepreneurial activity, freedom of contract, legal principle

Constitutional and legal regulation of economic processes in individual states of Euro-Asian region

S. V. Belykh


Business, management and law