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The article presents the analysis of the basic prerequisites, significance, content and approaches to the state regulation of fuel and energy complex of Russia in modern conditions. The purpose of the article is to assess the current situation in the field of state regulation of relations in the energy sector. The need for increased attention to the management of the energy sector is dictated by its dominance in the country’s export potential, status of the general energy resources supplier on the domestic market, at the same time its position remaining far behind the leading countries in terms of the industry’s digitalization and share of products of high redistribution levels, etc. The establishment of a single set of regulatory documents defining the key vectors of fuel and energy complex development and the actions of government institutions to fulfil the set goals is a notable achievement. The priority spheres of government regulation of the energy sector include safety and transition to end-to-end digital technologies.


Fuel and energy complex; state regulation; energy security; digitalization

State regulation of fuel and energy complex operation in Russia in the context of digitalization

I. Borodushko, S. Shishkin


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