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Biotechnologies are developing rapidly. The beginnings of bioeconomics and its individual industries and sectors are being formed. There are new opportunities for the state, society, and the individual. At the same time, individual risks are also increasing, and the burden on the biosphere is growing. The emerging bioeconomy infrastructure should, on the one hand, contribute to the accelerated development of new technologies, on the other, ensure biological diversity, biological security, and neutralize real and potential threats and risks. In the emerging infrastructure of bioeconomics, not only biobanks play a significant role as specialized repositories of biological objects and biomaterials, but also bioresource centers that form and support biological collections (plants, animals, microorganisms, viruses, etc.). Due to the novelty of such bioresource centers as subjects and biocollections as objects, complexes, an attempt is made to understand them, to determine the vector of development of national legislation on bioresource centers and biocollections in Russia.


Biotechnologies, bioeconomics, biodiversity, biosafety, infrastructure, biological objects and samples, biological collections, bioresource centers, biobanks, legislation

On the issue of bioresource centers and biocollection

A. Mokhov


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