Euro-Asian Research Center

Ural State Law Academy, Kolmogorova St., 54 (office 303)

Yekaterinburg, Russia, 620034

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Dear colleagues,

The establishment of the Euro-Asian Research Center for International and Comparative Law (EARC) in 2008 was part of an effort to solidify and expand Ural State Law Academys (USLA) position as a leader among Russian universities in legal studies. EARC is situated in Ekaterinburg (Russia). Ekaterinburg is the third largest Russian city, administrative financial industrial center of Sverdlovsk oblast and Ural region.

We have strengthened our work in comparative and international law and have focused our mission on the work of scholars bringing new ideas and perspectives to comparative and international legal study. The EARC encourages the development of progressive and alternative ideas about international law, society and political economy by supporting intellectual work which contributes to the emergence of new approaches to international law and global social justice.

We are going to conduct an array of workshops, lectures and conferences in the fields of International and Comparative Commercial Law, Company Law, Business Law, and law and development. In 2008-2009 we will also be introducing a number of new Initiatives including a Transport Working Group, Insolvency Working Group.

We offer opportunities for collaboration on the following types of activities in the EARC or USLA:

1. Scholar and Students Exchange Programs:

- Lecturing/research;

- Lecturing (including master-classes for those in creative disciplines);

- Research (including research within the scope of the USLA; collection, analyses and exchange of multinational legal information on the problem of globalization of Business Law not only with higher educational establishments but with organizations and specialists from foreign countries as well);

- Practical training.

2. Coordination of activities of scientists, interested in carrying out comparative analyses and research in the sphere of Business Law, Company Law, Commercial Law, Comparative Law;

3. Projects for preparation of scientific papers (books, articles, collected volumes, monographs, etc), translations or/and publications in Russian and foreign law journals;

4. Participation in conferences, seminars and round-tables on the problems of International Business Law, Comparative Law, Company Law, Commercial Law.

Euro-Asian Scientific Research Center for Comparative and International Business Law is looking for partners all over the world.

If you are interested in our offer and further collaboration, please contact us. Also, it is very interesting for us to learn more about your experience and research in the sphere of law.

We are open for cooperation. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions. Please contact:


54, Kolmogorova St, Ekaterinburg, Russia, 620034

Tel./fax Director +7 (343) 245-93-98


Sincerely yours,

Head of the EARC

Dr., Professor

Director of Institute of Business and Law

Head of the Business Department of Ural State Law AcademyVladimir S. Belykh


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