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I kindly recall the years in the Sverdlovsk Law Institute (currently The Ural State Academy of Law) And not just the studentship (the 40s ? 50s), but also my years with the School in the 60s ? 80s.

What draws us to go down the memory lane? The persons who had studied, professed, worked at and run the School. All together they have created and supported, as I see now, the unparalleled atmosphere full of scholastic and educational creativity, which fostered the top notch specialists ready to serve the law and apply it in their everyday activities.

Indeed it's been a blessing on the School. It saw the luminaries, the leading legal scholars of the nation. They took the lead and all professors, educators and staffers followed in their path being united by an affair of great moment. The students would venturously join the atmosphere of creativity. All the more so that was not merely studies and training but also sports, tourism, rich cultural life, the students' theaters, the vigorous male-voice choir, friendship, affection and much, much more.

The young veterans below played major role in those years. D.D. Ostapenko, S.S. Alekseev, O.A. Krasavchikov, V.M. Desyatkov, M.I. Kovalev, M.Ya. Kirillova, A.F. Kozlov, Yu.K. Osipov, V.I. Syrneva, Ye.D. Sheshenin and others. They shared a great love of life, the fidelity to duty, the insuperable steadfastness and humanness.

Vasily Stepanovich Yakushev is one of them. He shares the same features. And also moderateness and modesty. The refinement, the profound respect for humans, associates and students. Hence comes his great charisma. It might come from his wife Veronica Mikhailovna, the extraordinary charming person.

I'm blessed to have worked with V. S. Yakushev for many years under different hypostases. We were co-workers at the civil law department.

I was his (the provost's)"second fiddle". And vice versa. However it didn't change anything in our attitude towards each other. It has always been of the deep-rooted reverence, cooperation and fellowship.

In the mid 70s the School underwent significant changes: The departmental system of training was implemented. The higher training quality, the practical training of the students in various areas required the focused legal activity-based training of lawyers rather than broad training based upon the branches of law. To this effect three departments were created: the public prosecution, the investigation and criminalistics, the law in national economy. That was just the first step. Then it was necessary to persuade the higher education management bodies to prepare the students' job placement schedule a year before graduation to give them a chance for the specialized practical training with due account for their majors and the profile of their future work. And this challenge was successfully resolved. Also we had to introduce the new courses and subjects into the syllabus. After all we had to prepare the departments and form the group of instructors with due account for special courses and special subjects.

The relevant departments with due account for the activity types were created and so were their branches with the law enforcement offices and with the businesses. The departments undertook training and instructing on the specialized subjects as well as managing of the specialized practical work and preparing of the specialty-based theses.

The business law subdepartment in charge of the alumni specialization was the basic one at the department of law in national economy. V.S. Yakushev was the founder and the first chair after he had been transferred from the civil law department together with V.I. Kofman, S.A. Khokhlov, D.N. Safiullin, B.I. Mintz which hereafter made the leading experts of the department.

V.S. Yakushev headed the preparation of the draft individual business law syllabus which was later approved for the Sverdlovsk Institute of Law as an exceptional case. Before that the individual syllabus capability was available just for the Moscow State University.

Under the V.S. Yakushev's supervision the department promptly received all syllabuses.

Professor Boris Konstantinovich Begichev was appointed the first dean of the business law department.

Very shortly the business law department which was popular among the female students (for which reason it was nicknamed the "housewife law" department by the students of the other departments where the male students prevailed) took the lead both in performance and quality of the jobs placed. At times the business representatives would come to participate in the job placement of the alumni, ready to hand them the apartment vouchers right away.

Headed by Professor V.S. Yakushev the young business law department joined the School's leading group of the departments. The business law literature published by the department became popular with the domestic schools of law. The experience of the business law professorship and department was widely used in instructing the business lawyers. Noteworthy that in those years none of the members of the department supported the business law theory and remained the "civilists", i.e. the civil law experts. The business law was approached as a classroom discipline to acquire the legal materia required for a lawyer to work in national economy.

The department was renowned for its brilliant individual academic work with the students. I remember well V.I. Kofman, S.A. Khokhlov, D.N. Safiullin and indeed V.S. Yakushev fiddling around for hours with the students keen on the legal science.

Nice to know that today the department which has been successfully supervised by Vladimir Sergeevich Belykh, a mentee of V.S. Yakushev, keeps it on. Furthermore, the Ural State Academy of Law boasts the high performance of the School of Law and Entrepreneurship as the successor of the business law department.

If you phone him in Yekaterinburg you can hear the voice of Vasiliy Stepanovich Yakushev, an excellent man, a veteran and one of the originators of the deed of high resolve. Besides that you can hear why he's been looking into the eyes of his wife Veronica Mikhailovna for over 60 years. Because he knows that: "A wife is always right. Or is "pretty much" right.

Happy 90th birthday, dear Vasiliy Stepanovich!

Ever yours V.F. Yakovlev

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