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V. S. Yakushev - an outstanding scholar, Mentor and research manager


V. S. Yakushev - an outstanding scholar, Mentor and research manager

On July 23, 2012 Vasiliy Stepanovich Yakushev, the Honored Laywer of Russian Federation, turns 90.

Vasiliy Stepanovich was born in a rural family on July 23, 1922 in the village of Shutikha, Katay area of Kurgan region. He studied in elementary and high school and finished 10 grades before the World War II.

On July 16, 1941 he was called up to service in the Soviet Army: he studied in the military school. His first immersion into military combat occurred on December 5, 1941 near Moscow. He was a squadron commander and today he is in rank of senior lieutenant. On May 17, 1944 he was heavily wounded in Romania and underwent medical treatment until September 1945. He was discharged in 1945 due to the wound.

In 1945 he entered the Sverdlovsk Law School and graduated from it in 1949. After he became a SJD student of Professor K.S. Yudelson. In 1955 he presented the SJD thesis "Statutory regulation of commission and market trade", in 1973 - the doctorate thesis "Legal personality of a state company" He professed at the civil law sub-department for many years. Between 1966 and 1973 he had worked in capacity of the academic vice-president of the School.

Professor V.S. Yakushev (together with associate professor V.I. Kofman, L.S. Malokotin and S.A. Khokhlov) was among the founders of the business law subdepartment and the department of law in the national economy. Vasily Stepanovich had supervised the business law subdepartment for 21 years. Since 1994 he has been the professor of the economic law subdepartment (today it is the business law subdepartment).

The economic law subdepartment was created in 1973 to support the formation and development of the economic law specialty in the Sverdlovsk Law School. Under his guidance the subdepartment developed the draft individual curriculum, the syllabuses of the new courses and made provisions for their teaching to a high standard.

Having worked in our Academy for over 40 years V.S. Yakushev approved himself as a leading scientist, talented teacher and research work supervisor. His civil law lectures for underclassmen and juniors at the School of Law and Business featured deep knowledge of law and the law application practices.

Vasily Stepanovich is the author of over 180 titles in scientific, training and training method literature. Among those are the co-authored two-volume textbooks on the Soviet civil law (executive editor prof. O.A. Krasavchikov), those on economic law (executive editor prof. O.A. Krasavchikov and prof. V.P. Gribanov), the reference book of law for economic executives (executive editor B.I. Putinskiy). His main area of expertise is, but not limited to, the legal status of companies and organizations. Professor V.S. Yakushev wrote thoughtful academic papers on many civil and economic law problems and published them in such law journals like "The State and the law", "The science of law", "The Russian Journal of Law". V.S. Yakushev actively participated in workshops and symposiums of various level.

Professor V.S. Yakushev has been a Mentor with a capital M as put by over 30 of his students who presented their SJD and doctorate theses. Among those are: – Dinus Nurimanovich Safiullin, Nadezhda Aleksandrovna Fedorova, Vladimir Sergeevich Belykh, Alexander Vitalievich Kazakov, Georgy Gennadievich Pilikin. It is practically impossible to identify the number of the graduates from the Sverdlovsk law school also known as the Ural State Academy of law who have been blessed to listen to his civil law lectures. The graduates recollect his benevolence, intellectuality and, of course, professionalism.

Over the last years Professor V.S. Yakushev as a regular member of the Thesis Board of the Ural State Academy of Law has repeatedly been an official reviewer/opponent to the SJD and doctorate theses. After the "Russian Journal of Law" has been started he became a member of its editorial board.

Over 10 years Vasily Stepanovich has professed in the Russian School of Private law under the President of Russian Federation (the Ural department). To date he reads the author's courses "The civil law sources", "The main issues of the inheritance law in Russia". He has been a member of the Academic Council in the Russian School of private law (The Ural department).

For valor and courage demonstrated during WWII V.S. Yakushev is decorated the Order of the Patriotic War of the 2nd class and the battle honors. In 1985 he was decorated the Order of the Patriotic War of the 1st class in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet people in the WWII. His merit in scientific and educational activities and in training of the highly skilled expertise was rewarded with the Medal of Honor and in 2001 he was decorated with the Order of Friendship, and the Certificate of Merit from the Supreme Arbitration court of RF. He has been granted the honorary title "the Honored lawyer of the RSFSR"

His successful and sincere educational research efforts have been repeatedly appreciated by the Management of the Academy and that of the RF Ministry of Education.

With all our hearts we congratulate Vasily Stepanovich, a savant, a gifted educator, a mentor and a trail blazer, on the jubilee.

V. D. Perevalov, the President of the Ural State Academy of Law,

Professor V. A. Bublik, the Principal of the Ural State Academy of Law

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